Dress:   Show shirt (tucked in) & khaki shorts.  Marching band shoes.  Black socks for hornline & perc.  Dance shoes for guard. (you can change shoes after half-time)

Call-Time:      Downbeat for percussion is 5:30pm.  Hornline and guard try to stay out of band room, but if you go through, please don't distract.  

                       Warm-up & run-through for hornline (possibly) with percussion downbeat at 6:15pm in arcs

Band room will be open by 4:00pm

6:40pm          We need to be at North West corner of stadium to watch TX drill team

6:50pm           Pledge of Allegiance and SSB by Coral Kester

6:53pm           Out to Tunnels/Exit North End Zone

                        There will be water in the band stands (BRING YOUR SS BOTTLE)


                        With about 9 minutes on clock in 2nd quarter, winds and guard arc up behind band stand for warm-up.  Percussion into band room.  (Keep an eye on the clock and push out with 2 min on clock)


                       *Mansfield band performs (Watch from tunnels-Front people watch from sideline, ready to push out fast.  

                       *Gold Pride Performs PART 1 & 1x Fight Song, then off to front left

THIRD QUARTER break...be back in band stand before 4th quarter starts, no food or sodas in band stands.  Long lines at the concessions stands are no excuse!!!!!!!!!    The booster usually have a snack available for you by the band stands.  Say thank you!  

After the game:  It should be over around 9:30pm.  If you have a phone, you can call your ride when 4th quarter starts and tell them about 30 minutes til pick up.  

In the band stands:  Stay in your spot.  If you need a refill on water, pass your bottle down and we will send it back up to you.  If your name is on it, it helps!     

If you need to go to the restroom, go one at a time.