Report Time:                                       4:30pm at CPHS Band Room (Saturday)

Load Buses

Take personal instruments with you on buses if you didn’t load them on trailer

Dress:                                                  Mainly Black & White Dress Clothes                                                   

Depart for Mabee Center:                   5:00pm


Arrive Mabee Center:                         5:30pm & set up

            – instrument cases must be stowed along the wall so they don’t block the hallway


Dinner:                                                6:00pm (Chick-fil-a in the parking lot)


Back in Seats Ready to Perform:        7:10pm                                                           


Back at CPHS:                                    10:00pm (roughly)                     

            After we set up at the Mabee Center there will be some time to hang out and visit the restrooms.  After our feature piece there will be a long time when we just sit and watch.  During this time we must disappear in our seats.  It is not appropriate to read books/magazines, listen to ipods, talk to our neighbors in an obvious way, etc.  We are expected to look as though we are paying attention.  Don’t forget-you are highly visible to thousands of people and we WILL make a good impression! 

            Percussionists will need to load ALL of the percussion equipment we will need in the truck on Friday.  None will be provided by ORU.  ORU does provide stands and chairs.  Everyone please be responsible for all of your music and equipment.   

            When the ceremony is over we will load the truck and buses and head home.  If you plan on driving to/from ORU on your own or with family I need a note by FRIDAY.  Don’t go and look for your friends after graduation because everyone else will be sitting on the buses waiting for you and that’s not fair to them.  You WILL see the graduates again!

            Remember: One day future band kids will be doing this for you and you will expect the best from them!