Yukon Game

Friday September 29

Call-Time: 4:00pm

We will grab dinner and get on buses as soon as they arrive. 

We are not marching, so 8th graders will not travel with us.

Color Guard will remain home as well, and have a flag work rehearsal 4:00-8:00pm in the stadium.  Focus on part 1 & 2 work, you’ll come off for part 3 at Pryor.    You’ll be fed dinner too. 

Dress for Hornline & Drumline:  Polos & Jeans.  The temps will be cool, so wear a long sleeve T-shirt under polo and bring a jacket.  (Hi: 71, Low: 56 / 50% chance of rain)

Small instruments will travel on the buses and large stuff will be in the black trailer.  

After the game, we need to load quickly and get home so you can rest as much as possible before Pryor contest.  

Since we're not performing, we likely won't take 3rd quarter off.  We will release at halftime and be back in seats to perform when 9 minutes are left on the 3rd quarter clock. 

Expected home time:  Midnight  (Be sure to have someone here to get you!)

We will leave small trailer loaded and re-situate everything Saturday morning.