Friday Sept. 1


            Pep Assembly @ CPHS


            Freshmen will stay after 1st hour

            The bus to CNGC will pick you up at 10:20am



Football Game vs. Pulaski Academy

Call Time:      5:30pm (Horn Line, Drum Line & Color Guard)

Dress:             Horn Line & Drum Line:        Full Uniform (Jackets, Bibbers, Shakos, Plumes, Gloves*)

·         Wear shorts/sliders & T-shirts under unis.

·         Gloves only if they’re ready (dyed)

                        Color Guard:                           Warm-Weather Uniform (khaki shorts, SS polo & tennis shoes)



o   Before changing into unis, take shako box (w/ shako in it) to stands.

o   Fill H2O bottle and leave in your spot

o   WW take cases to stands

o   Drummers come early to do this and start warm-ups at 5:30pm—Others remember to keep it calm for them

o   Horn Line: After getting stuff into stands, suit up.  Don’t go outside in partial uniform.  It looks DUMB!

o   Be ready for warm-up arcs at 6:15pm

o   We will go out to the NW corner of stadium at 6:45pm for SSB and Tunnels-follow older members

o   After tunnels, move quickly through N end zone gate to band stands.

o   During 2nd quarter, we will go warm-up.  Take shako.  You’ll get plume at warm-up.

o   Half-time: Usually goes: Cheer, Dance, US

o   After half-time, we will take 3rd quarter off.  The boosters provide a snack.  (Remember to say thanks!)

o   You are free to go to concessions if you like, but you must be back in stands with NO FOOD/SODAS by beginning of 4th quarter.  If it’s a problem, we lose 3rd qtr break.

o   Remember: We sit when we’re on Offense and Stand when we’re on Defense.  Be ready for a short at any time.  We are there to have fun, but we have a job to do!  Stay engaged. 

o   Stay in seats.  If you MUST go to restroom, try to alert directors w/o getting out of seats.  If you need more H2O, same idea.  We need to look better up there!

o   After game, take everything inside.  Hang up unis neatly!!!! Head home.  If you are getting a ride, it’s usually a safe bet that you’ll be ready for pick-up by 10:00pm.


Future Stuff:

            Branson Contest: October 14-15$75

            If parents want to go I need to know by Sept. 5 (Tuesday)—No school on Monday

            Parents will cost $75 too.