August 17, 2017



6:00pm       Call-Time

                   Warm-Weather Uniform (Polo, Khaki Shorts, Marching Band Shoes)

                   Rehearse to refresh memory on show.

6:55pm       Move to staging location

7:00pm       Perform Part 1 & Fight Song

                   Remain in place for National Anthem,

                             Pledge, Welcomes

                             (Intros: Directors, drum majors, seniors)

                   Move into home stands via side one front

                             (or to an appropriate place depending

                             on the situation)

                   Be prepared to wing it!

        Body of program-We sit and watch

                             Drum Line be prepared to fill dead space.             

         After varsity football huddle/chant…

                             Fight Song facing crowd from stands

                             Drumline cadences to play out crowd.

?:??pm        Put everything away and go home

                   It is expected to be over by 8:00pm