Football Game vs. Putnam City West

September 15, 2017


Load trailers at end of morning rehearsal.


Call Time:       4:00pm @ PA Bldg

                        You will be fed dinner as we load the buses.

                        Please be sure all trash gets into bins


Travel in bibbers & show shirts


Full uniform for performance (even color guard!)


Departure:       As soon as buses get here.  If one arrives earlier, it will be bus one

                        and will take drummers ahead of rest of us.

                        Next would be bus 3 & 4.  If one bus is really late, it will be bus 2.


Arrival:            Somewhere around 6:30pm

                        Upon arrival, we have to hurry into stands and be set up before SSB & Pledge

                        Urgency will be important!

                        Set up as close to what we do in our own band stands as possible.


Warm-Up:       During 2nd quarter


Performance:   We perform 1st at half-time. 

                        After show, we’ll hang in end zone area and watch PCW perform.

                        Afterward, 3rd quarter off.

                        4th Quarter, band aids & ½ of pit load equipment (& props?) into trailers

                        Other ½ of pit on cymbals.


End of game:   Load semi asap.  Clarinets are responsible for stadium clean up check.

                        Boosters will provide a snack for ride home. 


Arrival Home: Around midnight (maybe a bit after)

                        Unload equipment and go home.