7th & 8th Grade

Meet in the parking lot next to where Radio Shack used to be.

Wear your band hoodie, blue jeans, tennis shoes. (Santa hat, etc & lights optional)

If it's cold, wear layers.

Meet at 6:30pm, the parade starts at 7:00pm.  Plan on being early because there's always a lot of traffic in that area on parade night.

Route: Parade begins on Pecan St (next to China Star Restaurant), heads North on Adams, then West on 2nd (in front of Taco Bell), North at Walgreens to Broadway, then West on Broadway to the Triangle and South on Main.  The parade ends near the new El Maguey.  You will need to arrange a meeting place to collect your child or come and meet them at the end of the route.  We are usually done by 7:30pm.  

Plan ahead on how you will get your instrument to the starting position and get it home afterward.  Leave instrument cases in the car.  

The 7/8th Grade band is unit # 11 in the parade FYI.


High School Band

Plan on getting your instrument/flags & Uniform into your car Friday morning during rehearsal or taking them with you to the 9th grade center.  Be sure you have everything you will need.  The band room will not be open before the parade.  Meet on Pecan Street by 6:30pm.  Almost all of you know the routine for this event.  If you are unsure, ask someone.  See the 7/8 grade band info for route details, etc.  Do plan on how you will get back to your car at the end of the parade.  If you walk back on the trail next to the highway, be sure to do so in groups.  Percussionists/Sousas may want to work together to have a few vehicles staged at the end of the route to collect instruments and haul them back to starting point.  The band room won't be open after the parade, so you'll need to bring you instruments back on Monday morning.   Uniform check in will happen on Monday, so be sure you have it back.