Schedule for November 3

1st Hour:                                8:30-9:00am    (run through senior night logistics)

                                               Not sure what Mr. Kothe will decide about freshmen coming to CPHS

2nd Hour:                              9:05-9:35am

Veterans' Day Assembly:      9:45-10:45am

3rd Hour:                               10:50-11:20am

4th Hour:                               11:25-12:30pm

                                              Lunches take place in there

10th-12th grade released at 12:45pm--be in lobby before 1:00pm

9th grade go to first lunch and get on bus at noon

5th  Hour:                             12:35-1:05pm

Snr Night Pep Assembly:    1:10-2:20pm  (Band will be released at 12:45pm to set up)

After assembly, go back to class.  9th gd get on bus back to CNGC

6th Hour:                              2:25-2:55pm

7th Hour:                              3:00-3:30pm

Band room will be open at 5::30pm for the game