Friday Oct. 13           KTUL Televised Pep Assembly—Marching Band

            Call Time: 5:45am!!!

            Begins @ 6:00am

            Depending on when it ends, we will or won’t rehearse


                                    CPHS Pep Assembly-normal routine—Marching Band


                                    Eighth Grade Band @ Pratt Elementary Pep Assembly—Full 8th Grade Band

            Released from class to report to band room @ 12:15pm

            Perform at 12:50pm

            Afterward we will set up for CBMS pep assembly


                                    Eighth Grade Band @ CBMS Pep Assembly—Full 8th Grade Band

            Details to follow


                                    Homecoming Football Game vs. Muskogee—Marching Band & Band Aids

            Call Time: 6:00pm

            We DO need band aids-save your band aid shirt for Branson-wear something Sanditey

            Full uniform-Performing at halftime

            Homecoming festivities will be before tunnels. 

We will go out early to watch and cheer on our contestants!

Third quarter we will take off uniforms so they can be loaded. 

Wear something respectable under them because we will still perform 4th quarter! 

Third & fourth quarter, pit will load semi and props.

After the game, load everything into semi as quickly as possible and go home! 

Everyone bring your luggage for Branson and we’ll put as much as we can into semi/trailers

Things to pack:

            Clothes for under uniform (show shirts/band aid t-shirts)—wear Saturday

            Clothes for Silver Dollar City—Sunday

            Money for SDC, etc. (