OSSAA Solo & Ensemble Contest

March 3, 2018

Sapulpa HS



Woodwind Room 2


3:05pm            SS Clarinet Quartet

3:11pm            SS Flute Quartet*

3:23pm            SS Woodwind Ensemble*

3:29pm            Amberly Watson

3:35pm            Jamey Dorris

3:41pm            Kaylee Looney

3:47pm            Kristin Shipley*         


Brass Room 1


3:29pm            SS Brass Ensemble*

3:59pm            Kristen Bolte

4:11pm            SS Low Brass Quartet

4:17pm            SS Trombone Trio

4:23pm            SS Trumpet Quartet

4:29pm            Jake Thompson


String Room 2


4:17pm            Sam Keiper

4:23pm            Samantha Pidcock


Percussion Room 1


2:30pm            Carter Nance

2:42pm            SS Percussion Trio



*If you’re involved in WGPO contest you will need to go to Sapulpa early and try and get into a no-show spot and then head to BAHS.  The contest director is trying to find spots for you early in the day.  If you have an accompanist, you will need to communicate your plans with him/her.  If you’re in an ensemble you will need to work together on a plan.