January 18, 1999

Revised March 22, 2000, Revised May 20, 2003, Revised November 15, 2003

Revised May 19, 2009, Revised March 14, 2014, Revised April 14, 2015



Article I: Name

Section 1:  The name of this organization shall be “The Sand Springs Band Boosters,” hereafter referred  

                   to as “Band Boosters.”

Section 2:  The Band Boosters functions as an agent of the Sand Springs Public Schools; therefore,

                   everything purchased by or received on behalf of Band Boosters becomes property of the

                   Sand Springs School District.

Article II: Objectives

Section 1:  To build and maintain, within the parents/guardians of present students, an enthusiastic

                   interest in the various phases of the Instrumental Music Department of Sand Springs Schools.

Section 2:  To lend all possible support, both physical and financial, to the Instrumental Music

                   Department of the Sand Springs Schools.

Section 3:  To cooperate with the staff of the Instrumental Music Department, the Administration, and

                    the School Board to the end that this department shall maintain the highest possible degree

                    of efficiency.

Section 4:  To promote the general activities of the Instrumental Music Department in the community,  

                    as well as the schools.

Article III: Membership

Section 1:  Parents/guardians of students enrolled in the Sand Springs Instrumental Music Department

                    shall be voting members of the Band Boosters and may be considered for its offices.

Section 2:  All Others, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc., interested in the progress and development of the

                    Sand Springs Instrumental Music Department are eligible for non-voting membership and are encouraged to

                    volunteer.Adult family members may volunteer but are not eligible for volunteer hour credit for band trip       


Section 3:  The Band Directors, the Superintendent of Schools, and the Principals shall be associate 

                   members of Band Boosters with no voting rights. Associate members do not have to be 

                   present for Band Boosters to take action.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1:  The elected officers of Band Boosters shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer 

                    andCo-Treasurer, Charles Page High School Representative, Clyde Boyd Middle School

                    Representative, PurchasingCoordinator, and Fund Raising Coordinator Chair.

Section 2:  These 8 (9) elected officers serve as the Executive Committee.







Article I: Meetings

Section 1:  The regular meeting of Band Boosters shall be held monthly throughout the school year.

                    Committee meetings will be held throughout the school year, excluding December.

Section 2:  Special Band Booster meetings may be called by the President or acting President.

Section 3:  A quorum or five (5) officers shall be required to hold general, regular or special meetings

                    where a vote of the membership is required.

Section 4:  The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern Band Boosters in all

                    cases in which they do not conflict with the rules of Band Boosters.

Article II: Elections

Section 1:  The Nominating Committee shall be the Executive Committee of Band Boosters and shall

                    begin meeting no later than February 15. The membership will be notified of the proposed

                    slate of officers at the March meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor after the

                    report of the Nominating Committee.

Section 2:  Officers are to be elected by a majority vote of the Sand Springs Band Boosters at the April

                    meeting and take office for the May meeting.

Section 3:  The terms of all elected offices shall be one year, beginning May and ending in April.

                    Vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the President for the balance of the term. The

                    appointee shall be considered to have served one term.

Section 4:  The out-going and in-coming Executive Committee shall meet no later than one week prior to

                    the May meeting to exchange the paraphernalia of their offices (i.e. keys, detailed written

                    account of the just past year’s routine, notes of goals for the upcoming year, historical

                    information from previous years, unused supplies, etc.).

Section 5:  Three consecutive absences of an officer from stated meetings will require a review by the

                    executive committee.

Article III: Elected Officers


    Presides at Band Boosters Meetings and Executive Meetings.

    Prepares Agenda for each meeting with a copy for each individual.

    Attends all Committee Meetings.

    Liaison of Band Boosters to Band Directors & School Personnel.

    Reports all financial goals and accomplishments to Band Boosters.

    Coordinates responsibilities of other officers, representatives, coordinators, and managers.

    Promotes Band cause to community for corporate financial support.

    Recruits project managers.


    Presides in absence of President.

    Promotes positive spirit for band from parents (encourage attendance to all performances, flags, 

          signs, etc.).

    Provides, collects & files Sign-in sheets for all meetings & activities.

    Keeps log of volunteer hours for end-of-year recognition.

    Responsible for stocking Travel Supply Boxes & First Aid Kit.

    Coordinates sale of Band Booster Shirts, Caps, etc.


    Records minutes of all meetings and keeps attendance of Band Booster Officers.

    Prepares written report copies for presentation at next meeting.

    Maintains book of minutes.

    Keeps a current copy of the Sand Springs Band Boosters Constitution and By-Laws.


    Prepares monthly written report for Band Boosters meeting (Include concession total expenditures,

       deposits,  profit margin, beginning balance, expenditures, outstanding encumbrances, unencumbered


   Keeps detailed log of all expenses & deposits.

   Keeps copies of every invoice, receipt, deposit, etc.

   Arranges for cash-banks, then deliver to concession managers.

   Maintains detailed list of Band Boosters property including original cost, serial numbers, and supporting  

       documents (i.e. picture of item, copy of receipt, warranty).

Clyde Boyd Middle School Representative

 Communication Coordinator for 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

   Assists Band director with parent/Band Boosters support for concerts, contests, bus trips, parties, etc.

   Promotes Band Boosters involvement among parents.

   Promotes 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands’ activities, reports achievements & needs to Band Boosters.

   CPHS Representative(s)

    Communication Coordinator for CPHS Bands.

    Promotes Band Boosters involvement among parents.

    Assists CPHS Band Director with parent/Band Boosters support for games, concerts, contests, bus

        trips, parties, etc.

    Responsible for recruited Bus Sponsors and their assignments.

    Responsible for water jugs & cups being taken on away trips to games or contests.

Purchasing Committee & Chair

    Keeps inventory of concession items (food & non-food).

    Works with Treasurer in keeping Band Boosters Property list current.

    Coordinates ordering, delivery/pick-up of supplies (food & non-food).

    Provides copy of all orders to Band Boosters Treasurer.

    Requests checks from the Band Boosters Treasurer.

    Oversees purchase, leasing and maintenance of all concession equipment.

    Brings to the attention of Band Boosters any equipment needs of both concession stands.

    Trouble shoots concession operations – arrange for repairs, improvements and maintenance of 


Fund Raising Committee & Chair 

    Works with Directors to gather information on Fund Raising possibilities to present to the Executive 

    Committee in April for the next school year. (Include Profit Margin in presentation).

    Coordinates volunteers to facilitate assembling, distribution and collection.

    Keeps copies of all orders, expenses, deposits, and returns/credits.

    Compiles accurate individual student records (amount sold/amount to account).

Article IV: Appointed Managers and Coordinators

Assistant Purchasing Coordinator

    Coordinates Pre-season & Post-season concession clean-up days.

    Assists Purchasing Coordinator in all aspects of responsibilities.

    Coordinates the meals served at Marching Contests and away games.

Concessions Managers

Friday Home Side, Friday Visitor Side, JV/9th Grade/8th Grade

     Responsible for opening/or closing their respective concession stand.

     Counts money before opening concession stand.

     Assigns jobs and supervises volunteers.

     Gives copies of all tickets included in deposit to Treasurer.

     Insures concession readiness for next game. (clean, open trays, etc.)

     Works with Concession Coordinator to provide efficient concession operations.

     Reports any volunteer needs to the Concession Coordinator.

     Reports any repairs of facility or concession supply needs to Purchasing Coordinator.

     Home Side Concession Manager will appoint at least 2 counters to make deposit for each game.

     Home Side Concession Manager will be responsible for getting water jugs and cups to the band stand    

     for home games.

Concessions Coordinator

     Distributes and collects Concession Volunteer sheets from all games.

     Assigns workers for each game.

     Provides Gate list and Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheets for each game.

Reporting / Publicity Coordinator

      Provides pictures and written information to the Newspaper as often as possible.

      Maintains Scrapbook of publicity and contest/concert programs.  

Article V: Finances

  Section 1: A comprehensive written financial report will be submitted by the Treasurer at all regular“B.B.”meetings.

  Section 2: Any expense or obligation of $100 - $400 must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.   

                     Any expense or obligation in excess of $400.01 must be approved by a majority vote in a general

                     membership meeting.

  Section 3: Band Boosters shall maintain a checking account with a local financial institution to be determined by the

                     Executive Committee. All Concession Stand funds and other moneys obtained by Band Boosters shall be

                     deposited into the account. Checks within this account must be signed by two Band Booster officers if the

                     purchase exceeds $2500.00. The Treasurer will retain possession of the Checkbook. Funds are to be

                     retained in the Band Boosters checking account or distributed once a month to the School Financial Officer

                     for credit to various school accounts as outlined in Section 5.

  Section 4: Retention or Distribution of Funds

A.      Concession Funds-Gross Receipts

·         24% CPHS Instrumental Account #859

·         6% 7th and 8th grade center

B.         10% of net profit is paid to the Athletic Department

C.      Band Booster Equipment Usage Rental

·         100% to Band Boosters checking account

  Section 5: One of the intents of Band Boosters is to encourage continued education in the instrumental musical fields.

                     Therefore it shall be considered a priority that funds be made available and assigned to those attending

                     Summer Instrumental or marching camps in the form of a scholarship at a minimum of $50.00 per student.

                     One scholarship per student per summer. The Band Boosters membership will determine the availability of

                     funds each year.

  Section 6: The Band Boosters will pay in full the scholarship for each Drum Major’s and Guard Captain’s summer

                    camps. This amount is not to exceed $500.00 per student. Any amount over $500.00 will be voted on by the

                    Executive Officers.  The Band Boosters will determine the availability of funds each year. 

Article VI: Volunteer Guidelines

  Section 1: All parents/guardians of band students are strongly encouraged to work at least 3 separate nights in the 

                    FootballConcession Stand.

  Section 2:  Parents are encouraged to attend Band Booster Meetings, be bus sponsors, and work every opportunity

                      possible (uniform hand-out, sewing, etc.)

  Section 3:  Volunteer time will be kept by the Vice President. Sponsors for the large (over night) trip or middle school

                      day trip will be chosen by the parents with the most volunteer hours accumulated having first option of

                      working as a sponsor. 50% of their way will be paid.

  Section 4:  Volunteer hours will accumulate from school term to term (January to December), but will go back to zero   after being a sponsor for a large trip.

  Section 5:  All volunteer hours will accumulate at the same rate whether telephone calling, working concession,

                      attending meetings, serving a reception or sponsoring 1 day bus trips. (Trips when 50% of the volunteer’s

                      way is paid do not count as accumulated hours.)

  Section 6:  All volunteer workers handling food must be 13 years old or older. No high school students may work the      

       concession during High School Football games. Children should not be in the working areas of the concession stand.

 Section 7:  Only concession volunteer hours will have monetary value paid to the student’s account ($2.00/hour worked).  No other volunteer hours have a monetary value.



Article VII: Key Policy

  Section 1:  Keys may be held by these officers:

·         Concession Stand Key – President, Vice-President, Purchasing Coordinator, Assistant

Purchasing Coordinator, Fund Raising Coordinator, Concession Coordinator, CPHS rep and each Concession Manager.

·         Concession Cabinets Key – President, Vice-President, Purchasing Coordinator, Assistant Purchasing Coordinator, Concession Coordinator, CPHS rep and each Concession Manager.

·         Stadium Gate Key – President, Purchasing Coordinator, Assistant Purchasing Coordinator, CPHS rep and Fund Raising Coordinator.

·         Post Office Box Key – President, Treasurer

  Section 2:  Keys are handed out by the school administration. 

Article VIII: Band Booster Property

  Section 1:  Band Boosters Property is property purchased by or donated to Band Boosters for use by Band Boosters.

                     The Band Boosters shall retain custody of all Band Boosters property. This property must have supporting

                     documentation showing proof of purchase or donation.

  Section 2:  The Sand Springs Band Boosters Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping a current complete inventory list

                      of all Band Boosters properties (i.e. popcorn machines, smoker, microwaves, cotton candy machine)

                      including a serial number, picture, copy of original ticket, and warranties.

  Section 3:  A current copy of the Sand Springs Band Boosters Constitution & By-Laws shall be kept with the inventory


  Section 4:  Band Boosters property may be rented by school personnel upon request and approval by the Band

                      Boosters President. Rental policies as follows in Sections 6,7,8 & 9 must be agreed upon and followed.

  Section 5:  Non – school use of any Band Boosters property shall be approved by a majority vote of the Executive


  Section 6:  A rental fee of 3% the original value of the property shall be paid per day in advance.

  Section 7:  Band Boosters property valued over $500 may be used by non-Band Boosters groups only under the

                      supervision of a designated Band Boosters representative.

  Section 8:  Band Boosters Property shall be returned promptly and in the same condition as when checked out.

                      Damage to any Band Boosters property while in non – Band Boosters use shall be repaired or the item

                      replaced by those renting it.

  Section 9:  A “Responsibility Acceptance Form” with the description of the Band Boosters property being used and the

                      current condition of such property, shall be signed by the party using such property and the designated

                      Band Boosters representative.

  Section 10: Storage of Band Boosters’ Property during off – seasons shall be determined by the President. Due to

                       Band Boosters officers being elected during the off-season, the succeeding President may reassign location

                       of the Band Boosters property upon election to office. The President shall notify the Secretary of all Band

                       Boosters’ property storage locations.

  Section 11: The Executive Committee shall determine when organization property has reached end of life, and bring

                       such results before the Band Boosters. The Executive Committee shall also bring suggestions for discarding

                       of the property.

Article IX: Recognition

  Section 1:  Senior Reception

                      Items of recognition shall be presented at the close of halftime on Senior Night of football season. Band   

                      Booster will provide a gift depending on available funds.

  Section 2:  Directors

  • A flower arrangement/plant may be sent for immediate family deaths or personal hospitalization. Not to exceed $50.

  Section 3:  Parents, Students or Siblings of Students

  • A card expressing Get Well Wishes or Sympathy shall be the desired form of expression.


Article X: Amendments

  Section 1: The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any regular

                     meeting. The amendments must have been presented at the preceding regular meeting of the Band



Article XI: Standing Rules

  Section 1:  Sand Spring Band Boosters shall be noncommercial and nonpartisan.

  Section 2:  No part of the net earnings of Band Boosters shall go to the benefit of or be distributable to its members,

                      associate members, or other private persons, except that Band Boosters shall be authorized and

                      empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered.

  Section 3:  No part of the activities of Band Boosters shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting

                      to influence legislation. Band Boosters shall not participate in, or intervene in any political campaign on

                      behalf of any candidate for public office.